Curlytop 3

October 2, 2006 at 3:56 am (Photography)

Curlytop 3, originally uploaded by Cathryn’s Gallery.

My neice, having a ball at her Dad’s birthday party last weekend.
She’s got gorgeous hair …

Since it was almost dusk and she was moving so much I had to use a flash to get the pic.  I usually dislike using the on-camera flash.  It gives a fake look to photos, but this one is OK, I think.

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Tea Books – Gift Idea

October 1, 2006 at 1:40 am (Art & Crafts, Gift Ideas)

I love home made books. 

This is an idea for another way to give loose tea as a gift.

 Idea #1


This is made with a basic scrapbook as a base (any size you want).  You create sleeves for the tea out of any of these:
– mesh material, sewn into envelope or sleeve shapes
– rice paper or heavy wax paper (sewn, glued or taped together).

You decorate it with buttons, ribbon, tassels, embroidered words, or cards with recipe suggestions, etc.

Add a scoop and a tea steeping spoon to the front of the “book”.

Idea #2

This idea uses a bunch of card stock paper, printed or written on.

You can write recipes, add photos, draw, add nice quotes, etc.  Add some blank sheets where you would like the tea to go in the book.  Then take the pages to Kinkos (or another print-all shop) and get them to bind the pages into a wire or plastic ring book. Choose wider rings than your stack of papers, so that when you add the tea into the pages, it will still close properly.

You place the loose tea (or bags?) onto plastic ziploc bags (the freezer ones) and use strong double-sided tape to stick them to the blank pages in your book.

You can make a bunch of these books at a time – it’s actually cheaper to bind them that way.

Stick photos or drawings to the front of the ziploc bags if they have a logo or other graphic on them.  Or sew “bags” to put the ziplocs into and attach those to the book page instead.

It’s  a really neat, individualized gift… but it will take a bit of time designing the pages.

Have any variations on this idea? I’d love to see them!

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Tea Gift Set Idea #1

October 1, 2006 at 1:14 am (Art & Crafts, Gift Ideas)

I saw something similar to this is a design book.  I altered it a bit and added some elements.


It requires the purchase of:
– a number of tall glass bottles with lids
– loose teas – whatever you like – put them in the (sterilized) bottles
– homemade labels for the bottles, with the ingredients
– a squeeze bottle and some liquid honey to put in it
– a number of butter, sugar or gingerbread cookies (or scones, etc.) wrapped in cellophane
– a tea steeping spoon (I don’t know what these are officially called)
– a box or tin or basket to fit all the items
– cellophane or a lid to cover it all

You can put a wax seal on the lids for non-tampering, if you want.  You can add a tea towel in the bottom of the container, too, if the container is a little big.

The container could be a tray, too – or you can add a really nice tea set to go with this for a larger gift.

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