About ClutterBug

photo_me.jpgWelcome to my on-line clutter corner. I’m a clutterbug. No matter what I am working with, whether I finish it or not, I end up stashing it away for “later”.  I decided to stash some of my mental clutter here, where I can access it easily from time to time.

Most of what you’ll find here is art, craft, multimedia or photography tidbits. But, this is an ever evolving quagmire of ideas, plans, works in progress and finished concepts… so anything could find its way here. I have attempted to arrange them into logical groups.

Please feel free to wander around my mental dumping ground. If you happen to find something of interest, or something that you could use, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and/or put a link to that something on your website.

 I’m female, 41, married, with 2 teenage girls in college … I work as a Senior New Media Designer building this all day long (it’s fun!). I live in Toronto and I’m constantly taking classes to have fun and help increase my knowledge and abilities.

 Thanks for checking out ClutterBug!


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