Wait … you mean I only need 7 minutes???

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I’m not a fan of exercise. I can’t say it reduces my stress because all I think of while I’m crunching or lunging is whatever else I could be doing with that time. It’s a bitter pill for me to swallow, and I admit, I miss my daily doses regularly.

Now a paper’s been published in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal, stating what a couple of coaches at the Human Performance Institute have found (through research): that a very specific order of exercises may allow folks (like me?) to shorten their exercise time.

“To address the limitations of traditional exercise protocols and provide an effective and efficient program for our clients, one of the exercise strategies we use is high-intensity circuit training (HICT) using body weight as resistance. Our approach combines aerobic and resistance training into a single exercise bout lasting approximately 7 minutes. Participants can repeat the 7-minute bout 2 to 3 times, depending on the amount of time they have. As body weight provides the only form of resistance, the program can be done anywhere.

HICT is not a new concept, but it is growing in popularity because of its efficiency and practicality for a time-constrained society. The combination of aerobic and resistance training in a high-intensity, limited-rest design can deliver numerous health benefits in much less time than traditional programs (5, 9, 10, 16, 18). When body weight is used as resistance, it eliminates the limiting factors of access to equipment and facilities.”

Don’t take my word for it. Read for yourself. And there are PICTURES OF THE EXERCISES!! They’re common, simple and relatively easy:.


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Yup, I think this is part of my problem …

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– the Entrepreneur’s curse … totally see myself there – but more on the frustrated side of things.

This article has some great advice on living with this particularly annoying (to others, not me) curse:


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Randy Pausch Lecture: Time Management

June 10, 2013 at 4:58 pm (Personal Growth) ()

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Re-Design Me

September 10, 2006 at 4:09 am (Personal Growth)

Things in my office 02, originally uploaded by Cathryn’s Gallery.

Enough about the Home & Garden – what about the person inside it? –

I have had the opportunity to sit in on, or conduct more than a couple of interviews over the years, even for a few high-level “boardroom-based” positions.  It’s very interesting to hear what the “deal-breakers” are for some people with regards to these candidates. Sometimes I feel like I am listening to a description of my own personality!

Then it dawned on me – no wonder I am rarely seen in a boardroom environ… I’m the “artsy” type, and quite possibly have pigeon-holed myself into that role exclusively – merely by the free reign of my personality.

Boardroom folk must be:
– punctual to a fault
– concise, detail oriented
– comprehensive, but in an appropriate way
– very tidy in appearance and speech
– use big words – but only if necessary
– dress for success – i.e. decent-priced, current fashions.

 Me, on the other hand… I’m not saying I am none of those things, but breaking one or two of those seems to be a deal-breaker. My more casual approach (like my preference for more comfortable shoes, since I try to walk more often) is not good for business.

I once heard a quote (and I’m sorry, I can’t remember who said it, and to whom) that goes something like this “The higher the heel, the greater the status in life”

Well – I also have another theory…

The Curly hair cull – Curly hair VS. straight – which would you expect (or respect) in a boardroom? 
Do appearances really matter?

So, maybe , if I would like to become one of those trusted boardroom businesswomen, I must put myself through a REDESIGN something like this:

– Get my curly hair straightened (I once had that done and a coworker, as a joke said “Oh, now I’m going to have to take you seriously” – it’s no joke – I think there’s truth to that).
– Get some serious high heels and a couple of killer business outfits (and forget about how uncomfortable they may be).
– Get to the accepted “fighting weight” – whatever is in vogue at the time (we live in such a shallow world…)
– Practice and perfect the occasional “big word” and place them tactically in my speech, like chocolate chips – not too many, just enough.
– Never late … never flustered … never let them see you sweat…
– Put the spit and polish on everything I do, no matter what it is (immaculate desk, exciting presentations, go over and above on everything).

OK, so the last two of these I should really be doing anyway, as a good employee (to an extent – and I definitely endeavor to do them).  The others items are merely for show.

What do you think? If someone LOOKS successful, you believe they really are, right?  If they are a bit of a bum, or not a smooth talker, or just a bit “creative” or “casual” you have less confidence in them , right?

Is it wrong to look at things that way? Doesn’t a person’s clothing choice and manner of speech say volumes about them as an individual? Or are we doing each other a grave disservice by judging (i.e. dismissing each other) on appearances alone?

I see both sides of the fence on this one…

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